Carretta Automazioni

Services: consulting, assistance, design and installation

  1. Carretta, the partner for your company process modernisation and automation needs. This is why it is only too willing to make available all its technological and professional know-how to offer competent and effective consulting.
  2. Reliable use of our automations is maintained thanks to the level of assistance offered by Carretta Service. You can count on the expertise and reliability of Carretta staff whenever you need them. This section summarises the characteristics and operation of Carretta Service, should you need it.
  3. With its staff of technicians specialised in different technologies, the company is able to provide designs and engineering to realise the ideas of customers from the most diverse sectors (automotive, assembly for furnishing, machine tools, etc.).
  4. Carretta's testing and start-up services make it possible to install automation solutions in all phases of technological integration, from transformation to expansion, minimising plant downtimes.

#New Carretta portal

The new Carretta portal has been online since 14/06/2007, providing a wealth of information on the Company's services. [ continue... ]

#Experience & creativity

Creative intelligence, experience and innovation behind every project.

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